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McDonald’s Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by McDonald’s

McDonald's EndorsementsMcDonald’s is one of the world’s most well-known restaurants with some of the most recognizable menu items. Who hasn’t heard of a Big Mac, Chicken McNugget or Egg McMuffin? McDonald’s serves more than 64 million people daily with more than 32,000 locations in 117 countries.

McDonald’s has used many different advertising campaigns since its beginning in 1940. One of its most memorable commercials aired during the Super Bowl game in 1933 featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird facing off on the court for a Big Mac prize. More recently, during the 2010 Super Bowl McDonald’s revisited this ad, but with a newer cast. This time the commercial featured superstars Dwight Howard and Lebron James with a cameo by Larry Bird. Other McDonald’s endorsers include: Charles Barkley, Jason Alexander, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Ryan Lochte, Stephanie Brown Trafton, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake and Billy Nelson.

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