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Booking Medical Conference Speakers

Medical Conference Speakers As a leading athlete booking agency and athlete marketing agency, AthletePromotions.com is able to book high profile celebrity athletes for an appearance or speaking engagement at medical conferences in addition to a wide variety of business conferences, helping to draw a large number of attendees. With many revered athletes from the past and present working to decrease the instances of illness including heart disease, cancer, brain disorders, depression, and a wide variety of chronic disorders, these sports speakers can have a huge impact on a variety of health related events.

AthletePromotions.com has access to thousands of athletes including current and former football stars, Hall of Fame baseball players, boxers and MMA fighters, action sports stars, fitness experts, hockey players and more who can be one of the features at medical conferences and make a difference in the lives of many as well as bring in the maximum amount of traffic possible.

For years we have helped make events successful by booking celebrity athletes at a variety of functions including medical conferences. If you’d like to increase the amount of attendees at your next conference, all it takes is a phone call to our agents at 888-246-7141 >>> Book an Athlete for Your Medical Conference.

Athletes Can Speak on a Number of Medical Topics Such as:

Alcohol Abuse Speakers AIDS / HIV Speakers
Alzheimer’s Disease Speakers Arthritis Speakers
Asthma Speakers Autism Speakers
Bipolar Disorder Speakers Breast Cancer Speakers
Cancer Speakers Cardiovascular Health Speakers
Cerebral Palsy Speakers Chrohn’s Disease Speakers
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Speakers Chronic Pulmonary Disease Speakers
Colon Cancer Speakers Concussion Speakers
Cystic Fibrosis Speakers Deep Vein Thrombosis Speakers
Dementia Speakers Depression Speakers
Diabetes Speakers Domestic Violence Speakers
Down’s Syndrome Speakers Drug Abuse Speakers
Dyslexia Speakers Eating Disorders Speakers
Epstein Barr Speakers Fibromyalgia Speakers
Hepatitis C Speakers Hearing Disorder Speakers
Interstitial Cystitis Speakers Irritable Bowel Syndrome Speakers
Kidney Disease Speakers Leukemia Speakers
Lung Cancer Speakers Menopause Speakers
Mental Health Speakers Migraine Headache Speakers
Multiple Sclerosis Speakers Muscular Dystrophy Speakers
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Speakers Organ Donation Speakers
Osteoporosis Speakers Ovarian Cancer Speakers
Panic Disorder Speakers Parkinson’s Disease Speakers
Prostate Cancer Speakers Rheumatoid Arthritis Speakers
Scleroderma Speakers Scoliosis Speakers
Shingles Speakers Steriod Abuse Speakers
Substance Abuse Speakers Testicular Cancer Speakers
Tuberculosis Speakers Vision Disorder Speakers

>> Request Information on Booking an Athlete for Your Medical Conference

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