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Miller Light Endorsements – Athletes Endorsed by Miller Light

Miller Light Endorsements Miller Lite is a 4.2% lager brand sold by MilerCoors of Chicago, Illinois. It was introduced in 1973 and was essentially the first mainstream light beer. Miller Lite’s long-running famed advertising campaign, “Great Taste…Less Filling!” was ranked as the eighth best Advertising Campaign in history.

The brand has had numerous Endorsement Deals with sports stars over the years, including former Green Bay Packers’ linebacker Ray Nitschke, former legendary Oakland Raiders’ linebacker Ben Davidson and NFL defensive end turned actor, Bubba Smith. Just a few of the other noted athletes with Miller Lite Endorsement Deals include famed Milwaukee Brewers’ broadcaster Bob Uecker, and the late famed baseball manager Billy Martin as well as the New York Yankees’ late owner, George Steinbrenner. More recently, NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski was the recipient of a sponsorship with Miller Lite.

With such popular sports celebrities endorsing Miller Light, the brand has continued to soar to new heights. If you’d like to see your business do the same, an Endorsement Deal is one of the most proven methods of doing just that. Increasing sales and getting the word out about the excellence of the brand is possible just by calling the agents at Athlete Promotions at 888-246-7141, or through filling out the online athlete endorsement form. Get started today and it won’t be long before you see incredible results.

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