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Mizuno Endorsers - Athletes Endorsed by Mizuno

Mizuno is an international company based in Japan that manufactures sports equipment and sportswear for a wide variety of sports. Founded in 1906, the company has sponsored many high profile athletes over the years, including track and field star Carl Lewis.

Mizuno is very well-known in the world of Major League Baseball. Ten-time All-Star pitcher Tom Glavine wore their cleats and used a Mizuno glove, while Chipper Jones endorsed Mizuno by wearing the brand from head to toe. The company has Endorsement Deals with many of the members of the Atlanta Braves.

In the 1990s, Mizuno’s iron was the number one on the golf tour, and although they had difficulty keeping up with the big endorsement deals from other companies, pro golfers Luke Donald, Jeff Overton and Jonathan Byrd use Mizuno clubs today. Other athletes with Mizuno Endorsement Deals include runner Antonio Vega, fastpitch softball pitcher Jenn Salling and runner Clara Grandt.

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