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MLB Player Product Endorsement Deals

MLB Player EndorsementsAs the leading athlete booking agency, AthletePromotions.com has access to hundreds of legendary baseball stars and top MLB players from the past and present available for Product Endorsement Deals. With familiar faces like New York Yankees’ phenom Alex Rodriguez, aligning these proven marketing stars with your products or services can help skyrocket your company to success. Rodriguez is one of the top endorsers for Major League Baseball, signed for Product Endorsement Deals with Nike, Rawlings, Topps, Kraft Foods and more. International baseball stars like Ichiro Suzuki have gained especially lucrative deals with companies like the Seattle-based golf sportswear firm, Cutter and Buck as well as Product Endorsement Deals back at home in Japan, including a deal with the country’s largest sporting-goods company, Mizuno.

With the ability to book big name players, AthletePromotions.com can even assist in securing baseball legends like Cal Ripken, Jr. who has Endorsement Deals with Coca-Cola and Radio Shack, or Ken Griffey, Jr. who endorses Power Ice. Just by calling our agents at 888-246-7141 or filling out our contact us form, we can help your company become aligned with baseball greats like Nolan Ryan or Reggie Jackson, or even famed baseball broadcasters like Bob Uecker.

We have been the agency responsible for getting the ball rolling in a wide variety of product endorsement deals involving many of baseball top stars for Energy Drink Endorsements, Apparel and Shoe Endorsements, Snack Food Endorsements, Sporting Goods Endorsements and more. Having a well-known baseball player endorse your products and services in Television and Radio Commercials, Infomercials or aligned with an Advertising or Social Media Campaign is a proven method of getting the word out and showcasing your brand as successful. >>> Book an MLB Player for a Product Endorsement Deal.

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