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Hire a Motocross Racer for an Appearance

Motocross, motorcycle racing held on enclosed off road circuits, has evolved into a highly watched sport. The sport has evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom to dazzling near death stunts you see today. The sport was originally known as scrambles racing in the United Kingdom, as the sport grew in popularity, the competitions became known internationally as motocross racing, by combining the French word for motorcycle, motocyclette, or moto for short, into a portmanteau with "cross country". These motocross athletes draw in large audiences with the speed, high flying acrobats that take place every minute.

Many motocross events can be seen worldwide which has attracted companies and sponsors to jump on the opportunity to be seen on an international scale. Motocross athletes are easily booked through the services of AthletePromotions. They have assisted companies with endorsements, appearances among many others. Call 1.888.246.7141 to book your motocross star with AthletePromotions.