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NFL Player Product Endorsement Deals

NFL Player EndorsementsAthletePromotions.com is able to book NFL players from the past and present for Product Endorsement Deals with access to hundreds of top name athletes. Featuring sports celebrities like Peyton Manning to endorsement your products or services through Television, Radio Commercials and Infomercials, or an Advertising Campaign can serve to tremendously boost your business’ prestige and create a successful brand for most any type of company.

As the number one endorser for the NFL, the new Denver Broncos’ quarterback has helped to skyrocket sales of products like DirecTV, Buick, Mastercard, Gatorade, Papa John’s Pizza, the PepsiCo brand and more. New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady has a Product Endorsement Deal with the international shoe brand UGG and helped to raise its sales by 47%, while New York Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow is the new face of Jockey.

Call our agents at 888-246-7141 or use our simple contact us form to hire sports celebrities from the NFL from current players to legends from the past like Howie Long and Joe Montana and even famed coaches such as John Madden or team owners such as Jerry Jones who will help get the maximum exposure for your product with a product endorsement deal, taking your sales dollars to new heights and your brand to the top.

Managing hundreds of product endorsement deals involving many top NFL stars over the years who have been aligned with Shoe Endorsements, Apparel Endorsements, Soft Drink Endorsements and even Cologne Endorsements, our agents can help your business become one of the many who have benefited from having a well-known athlete promote your product. Can you imagine the impact of having your favorite football player’s face on your product when a fan is making a decision on which to purchase? >>> Book an NFL Player for a Product Endorsement Deal.

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