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Old Spice Endorsements – Athlete Endorsed by Old Spice

Old Spice Endorsements For more than 71 years, Old Spice has been offering a line of products intent upon helping guys improve their grooming habits. This iconic American brand, manufactured by Procter & Gamble, is often praised for its production of hilariously entertaining television commercials, most of which utilize the endorsement power of popular NFL athletes. Old Spice ads featuring NFL stars like Ray Lewis and Isaiah Mustafa have helped to elevate product popularity and also work to further align the company with the NFL in general. This fact is especially important, considering that Old Spice continues to remain a longtime and primary corporate sponsor of the NFL. Old Spice’s creative use of celebrity athletes in their advertisements ultimately yield highly successful, viral marketing campaigns and also foster the ability for their consumer base to directly interact with the brand, via its spokesmen.

Celebrities associated with the Old Spice brand include sports legends like:

  • Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens linebacker)
  • Isaiah Mustafa (former NFL player)
  • Terry Crews (former NFL player)
  • Neil Patrick Harris (Actor)
  • Fabio (TV Personality)
  • Tony Stewart (NASCAR racer)

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