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Perfume Endorsements – Celebrities Who Endorse Perfumes

Perfume Endorsements For years, celebrities have lent their names and even their noses to the creation, selection and promotion of popular colognes and perfumes. Fragrance marketing depends heavily on the audience for whom a scent is developed, and therefore, associating the proper celebrity, one who fits the target demographic, can prove to be a highly successful sales strategy.

Some examples of successful celebrity cologne endorsements include:

“Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker“Usher for Men” by Usher“Glow” by Jennifer Lopez”Unbreakable” by Khloe and Lamar“Believe” by Britney Spears“Unforgivable” by Sean Jean“Jordan” by Michael Jordan“Signature For Him” by David Beckham“Forever Mariah Carey” by Mariah Carey

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