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RockStar Drink Endorsements – Athletes Endorsed by RockStar

Rock Star Energy Drink Endorsements Rockstar is a leading energy drink brand created in 2001. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, while their Rockstar Energy Drink is available in fourteen different flavors, and in over twenty countries.

Rockstar sponsors many different events such as the metal and rock festival the tours in the U.S. over the summer, the Mayhem Festival and the Winter Warped Tour, formerly known as the Taste of Chaos. Last year the company signed an Endorsement Deal with MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, while they also have a number of Endorsement Deals with athletes include Mountain Biker Cam McCaul, surfer Corey Lopez and FMX star Jackson Star. >>>Book an Athlete for a Beverage Endorsement

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