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Surfer Product Endorsement Deals

Surfing EndorsementsWhile surfers may not have Endorsement Deals that are equal to that of an NFL star, there is no doubt that surfing has grown even more popular in recent years with a number of top surfers awarded lucrative contracts. Nine-time Surfing Champion Kelly Slater is one of the top earners as both the youngest and oldest to win the title. Slater has Product Endorsement Deals with Quiksilver wetsuits as well as Channel Islands Surfboards.

With access to thousands of top athletes across all sports, including surfing, AthletePromotions.com is able to book great athletes like surfing great Laird Hamilton who has Endorsement Deals with H20 audio and Oxbow, a Nike-like company focused on extreme sports, and American Express, as well as pro surfer Nate Tyler who recently inked a deal with sunglasses manufacturer Spy Optic, and has other Endorsement Deals with Volcom and Channel Islands. These famed suffers can help boost your product sales by endorsing your brand in Television Commercials, Social Media, Advertising and Billboard Campaigns and more.

Call our agents at 888-246-7141 or fill out our contact us form to book many of the top action sports athletes, including surfers, for a wide variety of Endorsement Deals including Sports Wear Endorsements, Shoe and Eyewear Endorsements, Beverage Endorsements, Nutritional Supplements Endorsements, Sporting Equipment Endorsements, Automobile and Motorcycle Endorsements and much more. >>> Book a Surfer for a Product Endorsement Deal.

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