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Vitamin Water Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water EndorsementsVitamin Water is an enhanced water product distributed by Energy Brands (d.b.a. Glacéau), which is a privately owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company. While primary ownership of the brand has changed hands quite frequently over the years, a notable investor includes popular Rap artist, Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent. Jackson acquired a 10% share of the company as a part of a lucrative endorsement deal.

As the most successful Glacéau product, Vitamin Water has routinely featured celebrities in their commercial advertisements. Interestingly enough, 50 Cent’s involvement with the brand and its marketing strategy sparked a discussion surrounding whether or not Rappers are starting to replace athletes in endorsement deals. Vitamin Water has also captured many new consumers by utilizing celebrity spokesmen in its viral marketing campaigns. Specifically, the use of Steve Nash in the brand’s viral video series was a perfect way to communicate key marketing messages in a funny, easily accessible and highly successful way! Celebrities associated with the Vitamin Water brand include: 50 Cent, Lebron James and Steve Nash.

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